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Steaming Beneath the High Seas

Capt. Alexandrea Canatolli and her family live aboard their self-contained airship, the Star Sapphire in the 1890's, along the west coast of North and South America. As the airship leaves port, a member of the Historical Society stows away. Jareth quickly ingratiates himself with the crew   while fending off a pirate attack. He guides them to his secret chain of islands, allowing them to make needed repairs to the ship. While at port, the tinkerer for the Star Sapphire, Tink, finishes her new contraption, the hydro-pod, an underwater exploration vehicle. Jareth convinces the crew to use the hydro-pod to find the lost Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, rumored to be filled with gold. Using ingenious steam powered technology, the crew finds the city, along with many things that shouldn't be there.  $10

Adult language and sexual content


Salmon River Magic

Shunned by her Pride, Shyenne de la Angelino, a Native American Were Bobcat and witch tries to find a safe place in the world. But she lands in the middle of an investigation involving missing Were adolescents. Working with 3-D Investigations, Shy must find the witches responsible, before other children disappear.  $10

Adult language and sexual content


Southwestern Dreams

At the request of her uncle, Shyenne, her identical twin, Shaylenne and their cousins teleport to an isolated town in Arizona where a local shaman and several Kachinas disappeared under mysterious circumstances.  $10

Adult language and sexual content


Bitterroot Flowers

Four women disappeared from the Bitterroot River Were Clan in Montana. Scott Clark, the psychotic witch, finally reared his ugly head. Shyenne, a Were bobcat and witch leads the Nez Perce Coven's charge. Upon freeing the women, Scott flees, abducting, Tristan, Shy's cousin. Now, the Coven searches for their missing member utilizing all sorts of magic, in between dealing with the pissed off Pacific Northwest Regional Alpha Were leader.  $10

Adult language and sexual content

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